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Leo Haggerty
Leo Haggerty
Founder of
The Campaign HQ

Leo Haggerty was in fourth grade when he worked on his first political campaign. Since then he’s provided his expertise to countless candidates running for office in more than a dozen states.

While in college, and after graduating with a degree in Communications: Media, he worked in radio and television in upstate New York for over a decade before striking out on his own, launching the award-winning Web Boss Design Studio in 1998.

The Campaign HQ was born a few years later to accommodate the studio’s growing political clientele.

At the start, The Campaign HQ focused on bringing cutting-edge technology to Democratic campaigns and non-profit organizations. But as The Campaign HQ team and its network of political contacts grew, it expanded into all areas of campaigning.

After working for the election of  Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear and Lt. Gov. Daniel Mongiardo in 2007, Leo joined that administration for several years as well as serving as principal advisor to State Treasurer Todd Hollenbach.

The Campaign HQ has a simple philosophy of client relationships. Each of our clients is different, and we should meet your needs rather than expect you to meet ours. We don’t try to force every campaign into the same expensive package, and we limit our client load so that each campaign receives the personal service it deserves.