Media ConsultingWhether you’re talking about a press release, a radio or TV ad, or a sound bite on the evening news, remember: Content is king.

Your press release is more likely to get published if the content is interesting and meets the media outlet’s needs. You are more likely to be asked to comment on the issues of the day if the reporter knows that your comments will be concise, pertinent and interesting. Even if you’re calling the shots by paying for an ad, it will still have to be compelling enough to compete with hundreds of other ads — including your opponent’s. An attractive, interesting and easily understood ad will help your message rise above the clutter.

Free or Earned Media

At The Campaign HQ, we have spent years learning what the media looks for and building relationships to help get your message into the right hands. We can help increase your exposure and build momentum for your campaign.

Paid Media

It used to be that candidates could just talk into a microphone or look into a camera and tell voters why they were the best candidate. That pitch would be followed by commercials on the three major TV networks or the top radio stations. But things are a lot more complicated these days.

Not only does your message have to be well-crafted, you also have to tailor it for and deliver it to your target audience. With market segmentation caused by hundreds of cable channels, satellite radio, and newspaper readership at an all-time low, it’s hard to get your message in front of the right audience.

We can help your campaign get the most from its advertising dollars. Learn more about our media services by contacting us at (502) 209-7619.