Direct Mail

Putting your message in voters’ mailboxes

Well-executed direct mail pieces can be an incredibly effective way to raise money, change voters’ minds and get your constituents to the polls on Election Day. A poorly executed direct mail campaign can turn off voters, motivate your opposition’s base and waste limited campaign funds.

Whether it’s a congressional campaign looking to turn out the base, a state Senate candidate attacking an opponent’s voting record, or a non-profit trying to raise money, three basic elements comprise a successful direct mail campaign.

Elements to Successful Direct Mail

  • Targeted Audience: You must select the most likely prospects for the type of appeal you are doing. For example, you don’t want to send a GOTV reminder to a strong Republican household; and if you’re raising money for education, you do want to include households where teachers and school-age children live. We can help you target the correct audience.
  • Creativity: The average piece of direct mail receives only a few seconds consideration before it is thrown in the trash. Our award-winning graphic design team can help get your direct mail noticed and read.
  • Call to Action: The only reason you send direct mail is to inspire someone to act, to: Vote for you, give you money, or vote against your opponent. We will work with you to create a powerful call to action that dovetails with your campaign’s creative elements and fits your target audience.

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